Metal Building Roof Styles

Regular Roof

The Regular Rounded roof is the most affordable style of roof for any metal carport. This style of roof has no eaves but rather a curved frame bow that connects panels of up to 36’ long down the edge of the steel frame. The roof panels wrap at the edges, creating a traditional rounded shape, and finished with L- Trim.

Regular Rounded Roof Style Regular Roof Metal Building

A-Frame Horizontal

The A-Frame horizontal panel Roof is a boxed-eave style with a straight steel frame, and no curves. Like the regular roof, its panels run from front to back with the absence of ridge cap or purlins. The edges are then finished with L-Shape Trim and give the structure a more clean, residential style look.

A-Frame Horizontal Style A–Frame Horizontal Roof Metal Building

A-Frame Vertical

The A-Frame vertical roof is the best option when purchasing a brand new building. This type of roof has no limit in structural length. The underside of the frame is strengthened through a grid-like application of the hat-channel to which the vertical sheets are fastened to. The peak is covered with a ridge cap and secured with black foam to prevent leaking.

A-Frame Vertical Style A–Frame Vertical Roof Metal Building

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