30 x 30 Triple Wide


  • Style: Triple Wide
  • Base Size: 30‘x30′
  • Roof Style: Vertical Style
  • Gauge: 14-Gauge Framing
  • Engineer Certified: 140MPH / 35PSF
  • Leg Height: 12′
  • Left Side: Fully Enclosed
  • Right Side: Fully Enclosed
  • Back End: Fully Enclosed
Building Estimate: $12,672.00+Tax

Excessive rain or snow can encourage the growth of mildew, and if moisture gets inside your RV, you’re looking at water damage to furniture, plumbing and electrical components – as well as damage to any of your personal possessions. On the other hand, excessive sun can make your RV vulnerable to UV damage as well as damage from strong winds. Be sure to measure your RV to make sure it will fit under your RV Cover, and include the bumpers, ladder and spare tire with these measurements.