22 x 50 RV Cover


  • Style: RV Cover
  • Base Size: 22‘x50′
  • Roof Style: Vertical Style
  • Gauge: 14-Gauge Framing
  • Engineer Certified: 140MPH / 35PSF
  • Leg Height: 14′
  • Left Side: Fully Enclosed/ Vertical
  • Right Side: Fully Enclosed/ Vertical
  • Front End: Fully Enclosed/ Vertical
  • Back End: Fully Enclosed/ Vertical
  • Custom Size Frameout (16’x14’)
  • Corner Style: 45º Double (Dutch  Opening)
Building Estimate: $23,311.20+Tax

When it comes down to it, the money you invest in an RV should be protected. You bought your RV as a long-term investment. Consider how much longer it’ll last and what repairs you’ll avoid by investing in the right storage for that off-season or when not in use.