RV Cover

Nearly 500,000 recreational vehicles travel America’s roadways — with even more campers getting in the game as a result of the pandemic. A significant personal investment, RVs and camper trailers provide families a secure “home away from home” while traveling to new and exciting destinations. 

As Fall weather approaches and summer vacations roll to a stop, many RV owners must prepare to batten down the hatches and hibernate. A metal RV cover from All-American Buildings & Carports saves time and some of the hassle that comes with the storage process, not to mention metal RV covers offer superior protection compared to cloth covers or plastic tarps.

RV Cover

Customize your metal RV cover with a free design tool

Not sure where to start when looking for the optimal storage solution to safely park your camper during the off-season? All-American Buildings & Carports offers a free online design tool to customize your own metal RV cover. 

Easy-to-navigate, our 3-D virtual design tool enables you to pick from a variety of building styles, dimensions and colors with the click of a button. From there, you can easily share, save, modify and print your design.

All-American’s prices include installation, so the estimate you receive equals the total price you’ll pay for your custom RV cover. Erected on several foundation types — including gravel, concrete or asphalt — the installation process is quick and easy. 

Why buy from All-American Buildings & Carports? 

Peace of mind also comes as part of the package when you buy from All-American, thanks in part to our 20-year paint guarantee. Our manufacturers work exclusively with Sherwin Williams, a leader in the painting industry, to ensure the best protective coatings possible, so your RV cover will last as long (if not longer) as your new ride. 

Using galvanized steel for rust-resistant protection, our metal covers are built to last, giving you more time to scope out your next adventure and travel the open road.

Types of metal RV covers available 

At All-American Buildings & Carports, we sell and install several types of metal RV covers, including:

  • Regular roof RV covers: Features rounded edges, and traditional, horizontal panels.
  • A-Frame RV covers: Best for warm-weather climates with little precipitation. 
  • Vertical roof RV covers: Ideal for extreme or varying weather conditions. 
  • Motorhome covers: Meant to cover larger RVs you drive versus campers pulled by a truck.

How does a metal cover protect my RV? 

Metal RV covers protect your expensive investment from both exterior and interior damage caused by excessive exposure to weather elements like snow, rain, wind, sleet and hail. 

Harsh ultraviolet lights also damage unsheltered vehicles, even during fall and winter months. Metal covers help prevent fading paint and upholstery, as well as deteriorating vinyl or leather. 

With less element exposure, the risk of cracked sealants, busted vents, leaks and moisture buildup that can result in costly mold and mildew problems, significantly decreases. 

Unlike difficult cloth covers, a metal cover doesn’t require climbing on the vehicle’s roof or securing ropes, cords and straps. Skip the hassle and extra ongoing expense of renting storage space. Imagine having your RV under a metal cover at home, ready to ride when adventure calls! 

Still need help finding the best fit for your beloved recreational vehicle? Just call 833-931-0590 for a custom quote or to speak with a knowledgeable representative. Our experienced crew currently serves customers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri — and the list keeps growing!