Automatic Rolling Door opener

Love the convenience and low cost of a metal building, garage or shed, but hate the hassle of always needing to get out of your vehicle to manually roll up the door? All-American Buildings & Carports now offers the perfect solution: an automated opener for roll-up doors

Truss Building

Customers love All-American’s sturdy metal storage units, garages, barns, and sheds, but many prefer to access their structures easily with an automatic door opener. To solve this problem and help customers save money, All-American hooked up with Automatic Technology America (ATA), a company that specializes in remote access systems.

A less expensive way to automate roll-up doors

Traditionally, automating a roll-up door cost too much, took too long to install, and often required the services of a garage door company, says Adam Owen, ATA’s Central Region Account Manager.

“Our operators are inexpensive, extremely reliable, and simple to install,” Owen says. “That’s a game-changer for All-American Buildings & Carports, and the industry.”

ATA is the American division of a 35-year-old manufacturing company in Australia, where installing roll-up doors on residential homes is commonplace, he explains. 

“These are really popular in Australia … We’re certainly not new to the industry, but we are new to the U.S. We’ve only been here for two years,” Owens says. “We have a niche here, we’re the only ones on the market with this product.”

Sheet Door Operators available at All-American

With an average cost of about $300, All-American offers two versions of automatic openers for roll-up doors: the Dominator Easyroller and the Dominator Shedmaster

“It’s basically a garage door opener for roll-up doors,” Owen says of the two ATA sheet door operators, specifically designed for roll-up doors. 

Either can be installed on metal buildings of all kinds. “Wherever you can put a roll-up door, you can automate it,” he says.

Key features of the Dominator Easyroller include:

  • 600N DC Motor
  • Soft Start/Soft Close
  • Slim fit design 
  • LED Courtesy Light 
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • 5-year replacement warranty

Key features of the Dominator Shedmaster include:

  • Retrofit solution 
  • Left- or right-hand side installation (factory set to RH) 
  • Door size up to 177.6 feet
  • Stores up to 8 remote controls
  • 2-year replacement warranty

Installing an automatic garage door might cost up to $1,500, so ATA’s sheet door operators offer metal building customers an economical alternative for automating their rolling doors, Owen says.

“It really is a game-changer for these guys. For someone in the metal building industry, this is a huge advantage,” he adds. “I predict in the next year, whoever’s not using it is really going to be left out in the cold. It’s going to become an industry standard very quickly.”

Want to learn more about All-American’s roll-up door operators? Give us a call today at 833-931-0590.