Pontoon Boat

Finally invested in a pontoon boat for the family to enjoy, but wondering how to maintain and protect it for years to come?

Metal boat covers provide the safest, most cost-effective way to protect pontoon boats, speed boats, fishing boats, and all of your jet skis, tackle and maintenance equipment, from posible weather damage, vandalism or theft.

Your new lifestyle obligates you to a certain amount of seasonal boat maintenance and a boat storage building from All-American Buildings & Carports makes that task a little easier. 

Why buy a metal boat cover from All-American Buildings & Carports?

Boat ShoesAll-American Buildings & Carports only sells metal boat covers made of heavy-gauge steel that lasts for decades, and they come with a rust warranty. 

Plus, All-American offers a 20-year paint warranty, so you can choose the perfect paint color for your metal cover to match your boat

You’ll spend very little effort and money maintaining your All-American metal boat cover while it keeps your Lady Love yar.

Metal pontoon covers work while you’re away

All-American Buildings & Carports metal boat covers protect your Lady Love and everything on her deck from buffeting winds, from overspray when your neighbors are sanding and painting their boat nearby, and from sun and heat damage.

Sure, you might take your boat out of the water for the season and cover it with a less-expensive tarp for the winter, but think about how unsubstantial a tarp is, compared to a steel building.

  • Snow piled high on top of a tarp can crush components below.
  • Tarps rip and blow off, leaving your investment exposed to the elements. 
  • The rip in the tarp invites Suzie Squirrel to set up house in the motor, lining her nest with the stuffing from your custom seat cushions.
  • Tarps require frequent replacement, increasing your hobby’s expense, while a metal boat cover is one and done. 

Tips to know when installing metal boat covers

For boat owners who store their watercraft in warmer-climate marinas, All-American crews can install a metal boat cover over open water, in sandy areas or on top of your wooden deck. There are just a few nuances to consider:

  • Expect to pay additional labor costs if installing over open water.
  • Anchoring to a sandy foundation will impact your workmanship guarantee.
  • Wind warranty may not apply if anchoring metal cover to wooden deck. 

Your metal boat cover will likely last longer than the wooden deck it’s anchored to and it prevents corrosion from eating away your investment.

Metal boat covers reduce headaches

The majority of boat insurance claims result from fire, theft and vandalism.

Metal boat storage buildings aren’t flammable like their wood counterparts and can protect boats from burning debris that may fall from a nearby fire and fuse to your boat.

Metal pontoon storage buildings can also be equipped with security equipment and alarms and can be locked tight against all who would vandalize or steal.

Metal pontoon covers boost storage

Boat MaintenanceThe jet skis and gas grill must live somewhere when you haul them off of Lady Love for the winter, and there’s no place to store water skis in the garage.

All-American Buildings & Carports specializes in storage solutions. We can custom build a metal boat cover to your specifications with enough room to store leisure equipment and boat maintenance accoutrements, and still leave room to winterize and repair in comfort.

All-American Buildings & Carports also offers metal storage sheds, barns and other buildings for storage at the lake house, or wherever you want to stash the things that make your life more convenient and enjoyable.

Need help deciding what kind of metal boat cover you need?

All-American Buildings & Carports’ experienced team members can help you decide whether to build on shore or at the beach, on the water or on a dock.

Call us today at 833-931-0590 to learn more about customizing a metal boat cover to protect your dreams and investment for decades.