All-American's 3D Designer

Have you designed your own metal building with All-American Buildings & Carports 3-D Builder yet? Using the 3-D Builder works much like playing a video game, except you always win. 

You may find it so fun that you build a custom metal carport for your Mustang and an agricultural barn for your granddaughter’s 4-H goats, complete with a covered porch for family parties.

All-American Buildings & Carports offers your dream garage, commercial buildings for businesses large and small, metal storage buildings, RV garages and anything else you can think up.

If you can dream it, All-American Buildings & Carports can custom build for you. 

Here’s how easy it is to design a metal building

Blue BuildingAll-American Buildings & Carports’ 3-D Designer tool puts you in charge of your project and helps you explore the design possibilities and features we offer in your own time.

Save your design and make another. Do it over and over if you like, adding and deleting options as you go. Then compare your designs and weigh the options for yourself.

The tool walks you through the choices.

You might not want the goat barn in the shade of pink your granddaughter requested, but perhaps the two of you can agree on Zinc Gray with Hawiaian Blue.

Maybe you want the Mustang’s metal carport to feature enclosed Barn Red walls on three sides with just the peak enclosed for a nicely finished look on the fourth. Try it out with All-American Buildings & Carports’ 3-D builder.

Maybe as you’re playing with the tool, you decide to explore a larger carport or maybe a smaller metal garage. It’s not a big leap. 

Design the metal building of your dreams

LP RecordYour garage could hold the Mustang on one side and your wet bar and jukebox collection on the other for entertaining friends. 

Choose a gravel floor, or get a concrete floor you can stain to show off the car and the live-edge slab bar you made from the walnut tree that fell on your property. No one else in the World has one quite like it. Go ahead, set your steel siding horizontally to emphasize the bar’s length and grain.

All-American Buildings & Carports’ 3-D Designer tool even lets you choose custom doors and windows for the function and good looks you’ll love for decades. Just use your computer mouse to select from a diverse menu, and watch them pop into place on your 3-D model.

Maybe you’ll decide along the way you want to situate the overhead door further from the side, creating shelving space for your collectibles.

Flying BirdMaybe you’d like a large window that frames the birdhouse your dad made for your mother long ago. Sit by the window to watch the Purple Martins swoop in and out while you remember your parents.

Customize your metal building with 3-D Builder design tool

Taking time to literally play with All-American Buildings & Carports’ 3-D Builder tool, imagining and reimagining the metal building you want, causes you to thoroughly think through the way you want to use your new metal building. 

Designing what you want with an online 3-D designer also lets you show your builder what you want and helps them understand it. Plus, it saves you time trying to explain your vision. The results give you an affordable steel building that reflects your values and interests.

Save your designs. Share them with friends. And when you’re ready, ask All-American Buildings & Carports’ experienced metal building team for a quote.

Need something specific you don’t see online? Call us at 833-931-0590 to learn more.