One-Car Extra Tall Garage

Are you loving your shiny, new steel carport or metal building? Keep it looking fresh with regular maintenance to ensure it lasts for years. 

Over time, untreated dirt, dust, chalk, and mold all take a toll on painted metal buildings. High winds and hail from severe weather can also damage steel structures and leave your belongings and valuables exposed.

To keep your metal building looking and functioning like new, follow these 5 simple steps.

One-Car Extra Tall Garage

1. Clear Away Dirt, Mildew, and Chalk

According to U.S. Steel, painted metal buildings are prone to airborne dirt and greasy residue, which build up over time and aren’t easily washed away by rainwater. 

Painted metal buildings and steel carports also retain chalk after extended exposure to ultraviolet light. This becomes more noticeable over time as the structure’s color fades.

Mildew, mold, or other growth also pose a potential problem in areas of the building that remain wet for long periods of time. These areas typically include north-facing walls and eaves where the roof meets or folds over the building’s wall.

2. Clean Large Areas Quickly with a Power Washer

To clean large areas quickly, spray your metal building or carport with a power washer. A power washer is also the best way to remove stuck-on mold, mildew and chalk.

You can use a variety of cleaners when power washing, including phosphate-free laundry detergent, liquid dishwashing detergent, household bleach, or household ammonia. Check each cleaner’s directions for precise usage instructions, including how to dilute it with water, and rinse your structure after cleaning to avoid leaving any potentially corrosive residue.

3. Use a Cloth or Sponge for Packed Dirt

Spots with packed-on dirt or grime may need some extra elbow grease. Directly wiping down these areas is the best way to remove deeply packed dirt and grime, and using a soft sponge or cloth helps ensure you won’t damage the paint.

4. Inspect Steel Carports and Metal Buildings After Storms

Just as you would check your home after a strong storm, inspect your steel structure for wind or hail damage and look for leaks or standing water that could harm your property.

Finding and fixing minor damage early prevents bigger problems over time. Please contact us if you have questions or need help with repairs.

5.  Organization Makes Cleaning Metal Buildings Easier

Our steel carports and metal structures help you store anything, from vehicles and greenhouses to farm equipment and yard tools. Keep these possessions organized and get rid of unused items to save time when you’re ready to wipe down or power spray your structure.  

Want to learn more about how to maintain your carport or metal building? Contact us at or by phone at 833-931-0590.