Workshop with Lean-To

Workshop with Lean-To

Anyone investing time, energy, and money into building a carport, agricultural barn, or utility structure wants to know it will last and provide great value.

If not treated correctly, wood and concrete needs to be replaced over time. Rebuilding means spending more money, while leaving whatever you’re protecting — your car, property or animals — exposed to the elements. 

Starting over also takes a toll on the planet.

Sustainable steel structures, including the steel carports and metal buildings sold by All American Buildings & Carports, provide long-term protection for your belongings while simultaneously respecting natural resources.

Celebrate Earth Day by investing in a sustainable building product.

Steel Carports Built to Last

If your vehicle needs protection against wind, sleet, rain, snow, or the sun, steel carports provide the best coverage available. 

Our manufacturers design carports for residential and commercial buildings using 29-gauge galvanized steel, which is sturdier than wood structures. Frames are available in 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized steel, depending on your needs. 

We also provide sturdy structures for recreational vehicles and boats, ensuring they’re ready when the time comes to get off the grid for a few hours. 

One-Car Tall Carport

Sustainable Metal Buildings and Steel Structures for All Uses

Our steel structures are useful for everything from storage to workspaces. 

Our manufacturers produce engineer-designed metal buildings ideal for housing anything, from greenhouses and utility rooms to man caves and she sheds. 

Farmers who need safe, secure barn space use our agricultural barns to store equipment, livestock, or other animals. 

Constructing with sustainable metal means these structures cost less and perform better than wood or concrete buildings, while providing long-term protection against the elements.

Sustaining the Planet through Steel Structures

Investing in a steel structure or metal building also protects the environment.  

Building a wood structure means cutting down trees to procure that wood. Replacing the structure means cutting down even more trees, all of which take decades to replace. 

Steel, on the other hand, is virtually 100 percent recyclable and composed of scrap and other recycled material. The American Iron and Steel Institute estimates steel-making furnaces consume roughly 70 million tons of domestic steel scrap annually in the production of new steel. 

Our prefabricated metal buildings take additional steps in reducing the impact on the environment, thanks to using pre-assembled frames and panels, which reduces waste. 

Prefabricated metal structures also keep you comfortable while cutting your energy costs. Our designs increase the amount of natural light entering the building and allow air-tight installations of door and window seals. 

If you want additional special features, including pitched roofs to collect rainwater or roof panels that reflect sunlight, All-American works with reputable manufacturers to meet your needs.

All-American Crews are Essential Workers

Interested in adding an environmentally friendly steel carport or metal building? Contact us at or by phone at (469) 414-9343. 

Our crews, deemed essential workers, are taking the necessary precautions to keep our employees and customers safe. Let’s keep working through this pandemic together.