Three-Bay Horse Stable

Dreaming of the perfect new metal horse barn and giving riding lessons in your new arena? Ready to build a workshop at home to take your hobby to the next level?

Where do you start, and how do you avoid disastrous mistakes others have made in choosing a metal barn or storage building?

With more than 20 years of industry experience, All-American Buildings & Carports can help you get the building you want at the price you can afford.

The keys to success include doing as much research as possible and choosing a partner you can trust to help navigate the process. 

1. Decide precisely which metal building meets your needs

There’s no sense in choosing a garage to do a stable’s job, nor in building a stable if you need a machine shop.

You can customize a steel storage building, garage, carport, barn or commercial building to suit your needs. 

Maybe you want a low-maintenance, two-car metal garage with an overhead door opening into your alley. You could stop there. But, maybe you also need to house the riding mower, leaf catcher and kids’ bicycles in the extended back area of the garage. Now you’re talking. 

But then you realize the value of a smaller overhead door on the side that opens into the fenced yard, so you don’t have to back the cars out of the garage and drive the mower into the alley and through the gate every time you want to mow. 

Planning ahead helps to ensure your new metal garage works for you. Take some time to visualize yourself using your metal building and how it works best for you. 

Ask friends what features of their metal storage buildings make their lives better and what would improve them. 

2. Determine your budget for entire metal building project

Purchasing the metal storage building is the starting cost. That’s nearly the end of it for some just looking to shelter an RV or boat for the winter, but even they may be required to pay for building permits or install a foundation. 

horseAll-American Buildings & Carports offers common-sense pricing with the cost of installation included with every building, so the estimate you get is the price you’ll pay. Yes, we really include installation in our prices.

You may also need to hire electricians, plumbers, and an HVAC professional, depending on the use you intend for your building. Consult with them before finalizing plans.

Maybe you can build your own horse stalls and hayloft, or maybe you’ll want help. Either way, you’ll need to estimate the costs for materials and/or labor.

3. Pour your foundation only when you have plans for your metal building

chickenPouring a foundation before you have plans is like counting chickens before they hatch. Don’t be like the Indiana farmer who ordered a chicken house, poured a concrete foundation for it, and then learned his foundation was 11 inches too long.

The farmer was so angry he walked away, and 60 years later, the deteriorating chicken house still sits unused on that foundation, with concrete and bolts protruding from one end, a testament to his poor planning and a tale for his wife to tell.

You may be set on one size of building, but learn you can afford more. Through research, you may learn your county won’t permit that type of building, your city requires a larger setback, or you’re allowed to build closer to your neighbor than anticipated. 

4. Take the time to make the right choice for a carport or metal building

The cheapest metal building you find online may be the right choice for you. Or it may taunt you, like a derelict chicken house in your own backyard. 

Consider more than price per square foot when choosing your metal building. What will you get for the price?

Some buildings may seem inexpensive but require more permits than others. Some may cost more to insulate and heat. Some just may not last as long.

All-American metal buildings are engineer-designed and certified. They are made in America with heavy gauge steel and will stand up to decades of harsh weather without corrosion.

5. Before buying a metal building, check first with local zoning and permitting authorities

carpenterZoning and permitting are distinctly different, and you must get clearance for both before building a carport or metal building. 

Failing to do so can significantly stall your project, may result in costly fines, and in a worst-case scenario, result in your having to pay for a building you can’t build or tearing out and repouring your foundation.

Zoning governs use and appearance, in general terms. Will you live in the building? Run a business from it? Store tools? House livestock? 

Some property is zoned for commercial use, and running a business in that area is fine, but housing horses is not. Check with your city or county zoning and planning department early in the process.

Building permits protect your safety, your neighbors and a future buyer of your property. Local planning departments normally want to see your building plans before issuing permits, and All-American can help answer your inspector’s questions. 

6. Prepare your site correctly before installing a metal building

All-American Buildings & Carports can build your carport or metal building on a number of foundations, including gravel, asphalt and concrete.

Every building needs a level site readied before we arrive. While we can install a carport in about an hour, poor site preparation can delay construction.

Need help with site preparation? The All-American team is here to help, so you know what to expect and how to make it happen in advance. 

7. Research companies before investing in a metal building

Interview metal building companies and don’t go easy on the sales team. Be nice, of course, but ask what you need to. Don’t be shy about not knowing something. 

Asking questions is the only way you can be sure about your decisions, and you should feel comfortable with your sales team, not apologetic.

All-American sales professionals are not just order takers. We’ve mastered every stage of the process from carports to commercial buildings. We’ll gladly answer your questions and ask a few of our own to help you design the right long-lasting steel structure for you. 

We live and breathe steel buildings, and we have the connections for flawless fabrication and installation. We believe we stand above the rest and are confident you’ll think so, too.

Start designing your All-American Buildings & Carports storage building online today.

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