One-Car Garage w/Extended Overhang

Spring cleaning starts with decluttering and organizing. Focus on your living space, but don’t forget about the garage and carport, so you can clear more areas and finally solve those storage challenges this year.

A smartly organized All-American Buildings & Carports metal carport lasts for decades and safely stores important possessions, while also freeing up living space in the house. Cleaning the house is much easier, once you remove the visual clutter.

Kick the children’s soccer balls to bins in the carport, hang their bicycles from hooks in the carport rafters, and gain space they were taking up in the garage.

Suddenly, the toolbox on the laundry room floor can move to the garage, eliminating stubbed toes and freeing a space for that vacuum parked for months in the dining room. 

Make your square footage work for you as you organize and keep the things you love in their proper places. Having extra storage in a carport is like gaining a bonus room without building one. 

How do I start to declutter?

Decluttering is not a death sentence for the Christmas ornament collection you’ve saved over the last 40 years. But if you move the collection into storage in the off months, you could see your grout to scrub it. Less stuff equals easier cleaning.

No one wants to clean the bedroom around an awkward pile of comforters on the floor, because the linen closet was commandeered for hunting gear.

TowelsStart decluttering one small space at a time. Empty the linen closet and set aside what you use often and know you want to keep. You just got new bath towels, so maybe it’s time to let go of the tattered ones from your first apartment. 

Comforters go back into the reorganized linen closet, and the duck waders should be sorted into a pile of hunting gear. 

It’s easy to move from room to room and group like things without designated homes into categories that make sense to you.

Keep things with great sentimental value or items you find useful. Set those aside in groups of sentimental and occasionally useful things, like ornaments and hunter orange vests.

How do I declutter my garage?

Use the same sorting process in the garage. 

Your new gas grill makes the charcoal grill redundant, so out it goes. The freezer stays, but the car wax on top needs to move.

The garage closet is just the right size for hunting gear, but gardening tools and extension ladders currently reside there. 

Make your piles again. You still have a secret weapon in your organizational arsenal — your All-American Buildings carport.

How do I organize my carport?

This part is the most fun, especially if your heart sings when you see everything in its designated place. Your metal carport is a blank canvas with loads of space and endless possibilities. 

First, take a look at what spring cleaning pushed out of the house and garage. 

The trick to finding a place for everything is to think vertically. Use all of the wall space and even hang shelves and extension cords from the rafters.

Hardware stores offer loads of overhead shelving and hooks for just about everything, so you can save valuable floor space.

Rakes, shovels and hoes are a hot mess without organization, but take no floor space when hung on an inexpensive DIY organizer.

A peg board or slat board system or rails organizes all of your hand tools, power tools and storage bins with room for a work bench below.

Parts on a shelfAnd every well-organized carport needs shelving.

You can build inexpensive shelves floor-to-ceiling, or buy Rubbermaid resin shelves that snap together in a jiffy. 

Open shelves let you see what you have at a glance, so you don’t buy a coupler you didn’t need.

But don’t just throw small things like car wax and rags onto shelves willy-nilly. You’ll have a mess again. 

Buy some inexpensive plastic totes with lids, enough to fill a few shelves. Clear totes let you see what’s in them. Or you could opt for green totes for camping gear, blue totes for car accessories, red ones for Christmas ornaments, etc.

And if your vintage petroliana got kicked out of the house, you may just want to build some open shelves and put in a chair so you can sit out there and admire your gas station treasures in the glorious quiet of your own company.

Why an All-American Buildings & Carports metal carport?

All-American Buildings & Carports metal structures offer the best protection against harsh weather, hold up better than traditional wood or stick-frame construction, and are extremely affordable.

You can choose one of our designs for as little as $1,095, design the one you want, or bring us your specs, and we’ll design one for you.

The best part is that it takes about an hour for us to build it on your site, so you can get your mower out of the rain.

Call us today at 833-931-0590 and take the first step toward a cleaner, more organized house, garage and carport.