One-Car Tall Carport

All-American Buildings & Carports is excited to share the news about an exclusive partnership between our carport and metal building manufacturers, and Sherwin Williams, an industry leader in exterior paint. 

The agreement between All Steel Carports and Acero Building Components, our manufacturers, and Sherwin Williams means all of the sheet metal coil used to construct our products will be painted with an industrial paint coating for longer-lasting protection. 

For customers of All-American Buildings & Carports, this translates into an exclusive 20-year paint warranty on all carports and metal buildings! 

All-American Buildings & Carports also sells for several affiliates of All Steel and Acero, including United Metal Structures, D.B.A. Cowboys and Del Valle. This carport dealer network is the only one in the industry to offer this exclusive 20-year paint warranty to our customers. 

Our manufacturers now work exclusively with Sherwin Williams, a big brand name in the building industry, to apply the best protective coating for our buildings.

Wholesale galvanized steel materials are used to refine raw steel coil into carport building components, including square tubing, sheet metal, anchors, trim and more. Galvanized steel is regular steel sheets coated in zinc to make them rust-resistant, and the Sherwin Williams industrial paint is simply a game-changer for the industry.

This exclusive partnership, announced Feb. 28, gives dealers a competitive edge. While our competitors may offer paint warranties from other paint suppliers, only All Steel and Acero dealers like All-American Buildings & Carports can offer the 20-year Sherwin Williams paint warranty — at no additional cost to customers.

We encourage customers to comparison shop our quotes for a quality metal building or carport, because we know they won’t find greater value elsewhere. With our new 20-year paint warranty, customers can feel confident in making a good investment for years to come.

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