Garage with Lean-To

Are you in the doghouse for missing Valentine’s Day, a birthday or wedding anniversary? Make up for all of them by building your sweetheart her own she shed. 

A metal building from All-American Buildings & Carports can be used in a variety of ways, including as a special haven for her. 

What is a She Shed?

A she shed is everything your tree house wasn’t.

There’s no need for a “No Boys Allowed” sign, because the throw pillows on the porch announce your queendom.

You can’t fall out of a she shed, wasps can’t get in, and no one can tell you it’s time to come inside.

You won’t ever need to rebuild an All-American Buildings & Carports she shed after every storm. They are made of durable steel and built to last.

A She Shed is a Vacation in the Yard 

A woman with a long commute to work can come home, shuck her business suit, slip into her Wranglers and Birkenstocks, and within 15 minutes, be in her she-shed porch swing and staring into a bonfire. The firewood keeps dry in her All-American Buildings & Carports she shed lean-to.

She might keep a little fridge out there for sweet tea and install a screen door that slams shut like Grandma’s did.

Leave the cell phone behind on girls’ night out in the she shed, because you’ll want to hear the tree frogs croaking their love songs while you roast a hot dog. 

A She Shed Protects Your Tools

A she shed is a simple building that houses garden tools and maybe crafting supplies against requisition or discovery by the boys. Roses will climb right up the sides with a little love and give the fairies a place to hide from the afternoon sun.

Workshop with Lean-To

A She Shed is a Studio

A she shed is the only place in the Universe that fabric scissors are safe from the horror of preschoolers or science fair projects.

A she shed is a dedicated space for a free-arm quilting machine. The quilter could even take in work for pay, but we’re suggesting a work-free zone for your she shed.

A she shed is where a painter can create a still life and observe the way light falls across it from the north-facing window she had installed for the even light it sheds. 

She no longer has to sweep her still life compositions off the dining room table and into a plastic tote at dinner time to protect her canvas from spaghetti splatters.

A writer can hear her own brain in a she shed all her own.

A She Shed is a Yoga Studio with a Clawfoot Bathtub

A she shed is a woman’s playhouse where she can feed her imagination and soothe her soul. 

What woman doesn’t dream about a place to meditate and stretch and then sink into a steamy soaker tub in front of a window with a lilac-scented breeze blowing in? 

And children never ask her to peel an orange during a bath in her she shed. She locked the door before she ran the water.

Design Your Own She Shed

Design your own she shed at All-American Buildings & Carports. Your dream is more affordable than you think, and your imagination is the only limit. Call us today at 833-931-0590. We’d love to answer all your questions about the she shed you want.