Two-Bay Tractor Barn

Why pay to store your 1965 Mustang when you can own a spacious, affordable steel garage to keep it in, where you can admire or work on it anytime you want?

All-American Buildings & Carports come with plenty of space for boats, ATVs, minibikes, lawnmowers, air compressors, and anything else you want to stash, like Grandma’s velvet Elvis Presley portrait you don’t want in the house but have to keep in case she visits.

One-Car Extra Tall Garage

Metal garages and barns store all things big and small

Imagine all of your antique tractors under one 29-gauge steel roof with a parts loft above and a painting space below. All-American Buildings & Carports can get you into a metal shop building that you design yourself on our website. 

Or, maybe you just need a place to park your Harley-Davidson cruiser and keep your saddle bags out of the rain. We have that building, too, with room to spare for the custom-painted gas tank you bought at the rally last fall. She’ll never find it in your bike garage. 

And wouldn’t it be dreamy to organize all of your gardening tools by category in one space large enough to hang them — and to walk into without ducking so you don’t hit your head? We’ve got you covered with all that plus room for, gasp, a potting bench.

Run a business from a metal shed

Sales representatives love our buildings for storing products they deliver to customers. Having products on site saves trips to the office and boosts productive time.

Others take bulk deliveries in their sheds and let customers come to pick up their portion, which also saves time, and increases buying power.

Contractors warehouse building supplies, and designers hold onto architectural elements, such as decorative, wood corbels and salvaged Mid-Century tile until they find the right home for them.

All-American Buildings & Carports’ temperature-controlled buildings allow you to store products from seed corn or frozen beef to wallpaper or antique china with peace of mind. 

And if you flip merchandise online, we have a number of long-lasting metal buildings that will shelter your finds and provide space to organize, photograph and package items efficiently without making a mess in your home. 

You may even want to build your office right into one of our durable steel commercial buildings.

Why Wait to Get Your Customized Steel Building?

If you had one of our steel RV covers, you could rent space to your friend for his camper. Or, you may let him park there for free but retain bragging rights for having room to spare. 

We think you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to get the customized structure you want. We even assemble it on your lot at no extra charge.

At All-American Buildings & Carports, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field and pride ourselves on customer service. Call us today at 833-931-0590 and get started on the metal storage building you deserve.