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Wondering how you might benefit from installing a steel carport or high-quality metal building on your property this year? A carport’s purpose is right in the name, but did you know there are multiple ways to make use of your new building? 

At All-American Buildings & Carports, we want to make sure you know all the various items suitable for storage, as well as the versatile ways a metal building can benefit your home, farm or work operation.

Here are 10 of our favorite things to do with carports and metal buildings:

1. Care for Your Car

In addition to protecting your vehicle from the elements, such as rain, sleet and snow, an enclosed carport also shields your ride from potential rust, damage from falling tree limbs, and other unforeseen circumstances caused by stormy weather. 

Need a covered place to change your car’s oil and do other maintenance? A carport provides the perfect shelter. 

2. Keep Trailers Tucked Away

Trailers — whether you use them to haul sports vehicles, lawn-mowing equipment or camping supplies — benefit from the added protection of a covered carport. Not only does a steel carport keep your trailer’s paint from fading, it also helps keep your yard and property uncluttered.

3. Build Your Own Space

Already hooked up electricity and plumbing? You’re already halfway there to making your metal building into a lovely guest house, she-shed or man cave. Build your own personal haven to escape from the daily demands of life; our carports and metal buildings come in various sizes and configurations to help you find the right level of comfort.

4. Picnic in Style

Carports without side paneling are ideal for use as a recreational shelter for picnic tables, chairs and your favorite grill. With All-American Buildings & Carports, your barbecue plans aren’t beholden to the weather! 

5. Build Your Own Workshop

Our metal structures not only house and protect your power tools and equipment, they can also double as your workshop. With electrical installation and a few tables, you’ll be crafting to your heart’s content in no time.

6. Gain Security for Home Business 

With many Americans running a home business, storage space and security are crucial for sound business practice. Our buildings are perfect for storing your materials and keeping them secure, without cluttering up your home.

7. Restore Classic Car

Restoring a classic muscle car or sportster? Storing it inside a locked metal building protects it from the elements and would-be thieves. Our structures also provide a dry and well-lit environment for you to work on your hobby, worry-free.

8. Agricultural Barns

At All-American Buildings & Carports, we proudly serve the farming community. Our agricultural barns, tractor barns and other metal buildings are perfect for storing and protecting expensive farming equipment and tools. They can also be used to shelter your horses, chicken and other livestock.

9. Plant a Greenhouse

If you want to grow a beautiful garden, but worry your plants can’t handle direct sunlight, try starting your own greenhouse in one of our metal structures. Your plants stay properly protected, and you can practice your hobby year-round. 

10. Perfectly Place Your Patio

Still don’t have that porch or patio you’ve always wanted to sit under when a warm, summer rain rolls in? Set up your table and chairs under a new covered carport, and sit back and enjoy the evening!

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