In today’s competitive online marketplace, who you do business with is nearly as important as the product you deliver. When buying a large metal building or steel carport, customers prefer to work with companies they can trust.

Customers may start their research for a steel carport or metal building online by browsing general carport buying guides, but they want to work with someone they trust before closing the deal. Smart carport buyers engage with a company who does what it says it will do and quickly resolves any issues when they arise.

At All-American Buildings & Carports, we understand it’s about honor, integrity and work ethic. That’s why we hold the manufacturers we work with up to the highest standards in the industry and deliver the best quality buildings to our clients. Every manufacturer and installer we choose to work with is thoroughly vetted for high quality, craftsmanship and service before we decide to sell their products.

As a relative newcomer to the online carport dealer arena — but with 20 years of experience working in the steel carports industry — All-American chooses its manufacturing partners carefully. Just like our customers, All-American wants to work with companies we trust to deliver the best products on the market.


Carport manufacturing companies gain our trust by exhibiting the following attributes:

Customer-first mentality

In the business world, it’s all about making a profit, right? At All-American, we understand companies need to make money to stay in business, but developing a high profit margin shouldn’t be the only focus.

We’re looking for carport and metal building manufacturers who have customers in their main light of sight. Do they do everything they can to design a structure to meet each customer’s needs? Do they deliver the products customers want, on time and within their budget? Do they go above and beyond to ensure flawless fabrication and installation?

Good track record and BBB standing

All-American knows it’s sometimes impossible to please every customer, and a few complaints can damage a company’s good reputation. We try to look beyond the complaints to see whether the company worked hard to resolve any issues and make things right with the customer.

Installation delays and complaints can happen, especially during the carport busy season from September through December. Our dedicated crews work steadily during the fall and winter months, despite less daylight hours and more cold, snow and ice. How a company handles those complaints gives you much more insight about the company’s work ethic and integrity than just focusing on the complaint itself. It really comes down to how the company manages its customers’ expectations.

Quality of carport materials

Most of the manufacturing carport companies recruited by All-American buy their wholesale steel materials from companies we trust to refine raw steel coil into carport building components, including square tubing, sheet metal, anchors, trim and more.

Our suppliers focus on creating wholesale steel materials for companies all over the U.S. It’s what they do all day, every day, with a strong commitment to quality, craftsmanship and customer service.

Geographic presence

At All-American, we are looking for companies who deliver the best steel carports and metal buildings to locations where our customers need them — in every region of the country!

The carport manufacturing companies we partner with today serve customers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, and the list keeps growing.

All-American wants to fuel the local economy in all of these regions by supporting small U.S. carport manufacturers with high standards for quality, craftsmanship and customer service. We believe it’s a win-win philosophy for our company, our partners and our valued customers.